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What is Computer Science

What is Computer Science

What is computer science? Computer science is study of the operation of computer systems. Students may learn how to engineer new programs and software for computers, or develop new types of computers such as tablet computers and netbooks. Computers are now used everywhere: in businesses, homes, and in all branches of the government. Those who hold degrees in computer science can hold a variety of jobs such as computer programmer or network specialist. These two jobs are very different and very similar at the same time. Both jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, which can be accomplished through various online colleges. This allows you to take online courses instead of traditional courses in a classroom. No matter what job you wish to get, you will need to pick up considerable experience in the field, whether it is on-the-job training or educational training, such as an internship.

Computer Programming

So what is computer science when it comes to computer programming? Computer programming requires much more than pressing the button and turning the computer on. Computer programming is the process of writing computer programs, debugging them, implementing them, and then working to arise any problems that arise. The programmer also creates different programs for computers, such as anti-virus software, gaming software, and internet browsers. From a powerful program like WordPerfect to simple games like Minesweeper, each of these required the work of skilled computer programmers. Computer programming is one of the top careers available.

The salary alone makes it competitive. Once you complete a bachelor’s degree in the program, you will be able to earn a median income of roughly $70,000 per year. Even entry level computer programmers can expect to earn a decent starting salary. With the world of computers growing every day, it is well worth the time and money to go back to school to earn your online degree.

Implementing New Computer Types

We live in the age of technology, where computers are everywhere and can do almost anything. What is computer science with the new types of computers? Computer programmers not only implement new types of computer software, but they also implement new types of computers. When computers first came around, they would fill several rooms. Only government institutions and large corporations owned computers. Now, we have desktops, which are stationary, laptop computers, which are portable, and netbooks which are small laptops. On top of these types of computers, we also have smartphones which are handheld computers from which you can make phone calls, check email, and surf the web. In addition, you can also send pictures to friends who also have similar phones. One step above the smartphone and the newest arrival is that of the tablet computer. The tablet uses the same operating system as the smartphone but on a larger screen which does not typically make phone calls. Computer programmers with a degree in computer science invent and build all of these exciting new types of computers. With your computer science degree and a firm understanding of what is computer science, you will be prepared for any possible job you might wish to apply for.

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