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Masters in Information Technology

Masters in Information Technology

You worked hard and finally earned your Bachelor’s degree in information technology, now you are working hard and gaining experience; but there is something missing. You want to get your Masters in information technology, one step up from your Bachelor’s but you know it is going to take going back to college to do it. Now, you can get your online masters degree at your own speed; you can continue to work while benefiting from the luxury of distance learning from an accredited online college. This type of career training for one of the nation’s top careers can take less than two years and can be done completely online. There are also many different minor concentrations you can also study including software engineering, information security and health informatics. The minor you choose should focus on not only your current position but also your future career goals as well.

Masters in Information Technology: Software Engineering

In the Masters in information technology program of software engineering, you will add on to what you learned through your Bachelor’s degree program. Here, you will learn more about how to design various types of software on top of various forms of software systems and how to manage those systems. This program goes through each stage of designing software as well as maintaining the program; ensuring you graduate the program with a full understanding of what goes into software design and engineering. With this online masters degree you will be able to walk into a senior level software designer job that has a median pay scale of $40,000-$100,000 per year, depending on your experience as well as the company you choose to work for.

Masters in Information Technology: Information Security and Health Informatics

Another route you may take through your Masters in information technology is the information security minor concentration. This study track will give you more information on how to protect various types of information such as customer’s personal information as well as the company’s corporate information. Various types of information need to be kept private, but with so many people knowing how to hack into the company servers, larger corporations need personnel that are equipped with the knowledge on how to prevent it from happening, as well as how to detect when an outside source attempts to get into the system. As a security consultant with your new found online master’s degree, you can expect to earn over $100,000 per year; many companies are willing to pay a very generous salary to keep their information safe and secure.

The Health Informatics minor concentration of the Masters in information technology once again adds to your previous career training received during your Bachelor’s degree. This track focuses on the various types of technology used in various types of healthcare systems. It focuses on how to use quality technology in the healthcare industry which will not only keep your employer on the cutting edge of technology but it will also greatly improve patient care. With a degree like this, you can expect to gain employment from a variety of types of companies, such as healthcare facilities, health insurance companies and public health research; all of these types of corporations offer a pay scale of right around the $100,000 mark.

There are many different tracks in Masters in Information Technology, find the school that will help you achieve these goals and you will be able to launch your career.

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