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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

The study of mechanical engineering might seem like an abstract topic but many of our daily activities have been made easier and more effective because of the work of mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers helped create the equipment that processed your favorite breakfast cereal. Mechanical engineers helped design the refrigeration system that keeps your milk cold. Advanced mechanical engineering principles were used to create the vehicle that you drive to work in the morning. To be more specific, mechanical engineering is the analysis, design, maintenance and manufacturing components of various systems and machines.

Mechanical engineering courses will familiarize you with topics including thermodynamics, kinematics, materials sciences, robotics and more. Mechanical engineers make up 15 percent of all engineers in the U.S. and their average salary is currently hovering between $50,800 and $78,040. If you like figuring out the way things work and want to make some pretty decent money doing it, check out a career in mechanical engineering with some classes today!

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