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PhD in Information Technology

PhD in Information Technology

Information technology is often used to refer to a complete industry but in reality it is simply the use of software and computers to manage a variety of information. Also commonly referred to as management information services or information services, this growing field encompasses almost every facet of business, healthcare, government, and education. People with a PhD in information technology are in a prime position to land some of the top careers in this great field, storing, protecting, processing, transmitting, and retrieving information as necessary. If you have a knack for computers and the handling of data, consider going back to college today and getting your career training in this great field.

Jobs for a PhD in information technology

There are jobs with every imaginable employer for those holding a PhD in information technology. People working in these jobs will use computers, servers, cryptography, and database management systems to perform the many, and sometimes complex, functions required in these positions. Generally, the information technology department will include several system and database administrators as well as one information technology manager, who reports to the chief information officer. With a PhD in information technology, you can land one of the higher, better paying jobs and work in a supervisory capacity over the entire department. At the current time, the most popular skills in the field of information technology include information security, IT governance, computer networking, ITIL, Linux, business intelligence, Unix, and project management.

Education and training

Generally, earning your degree will include a variety of classroom instruction, laboratory experience, internships, and certification training. Some typical certifications include Information Security Certification, Oracle DBA Certification, Microsoft Certification, Cisco Certification, and PMP Certification, among others. During your career training, you can expect to study many courses including database development and administration, technical support, digital media, web development and administration, network systems, programming, and software development. Depending on your specialty, you may also study advanced applied manufacturing technology, database development, computer programming, e-commerce, management information systems, software engineering, and much more.

Information technology is one of the careers that have a predicted high growth over coming years. Professionals in this career field will always be needed and those who stay up-to-date on advances and changes will be the most sought after. Information technology professionals can easily earn as much as $200,000 or more, depending on level of experience and the particular job in which you work.

When you make the choice to get your PhD in information technology, you are taking a huge step to make a better career and a better life for yourself and your family. This great career is sure to provide job security as the demand for trained professional growth. It is also one of the few careers that has a promising outlook for salary raises and increased benefits as companies become more competitive about luring the best IT professionals. Don’t waste another day of your life. Start back to school now to get your information technology degree and start living the life you have always wanted.

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