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  1. University of Phoenix Click for Recommended Degree Program
  2. AIU Online Click for Recommended Degree Program
  3. Colorado Technical University Click for Recommended Degree Program



These days, a career in computer programming is all the rage. Computer programmers write programs, individually or as art of a team, with detailed instructions that tell computers how to function. These programs must be tested and designed with troubleshooting and problem solving in mind as well as user accessibility. Programmers often specialize in a specific programming language or a group of computer languages such as Java or C++ and are often designated as either an applications programmer or a systems programmer. The median salary for a programmer is $65,000.

A study in Computer Programming will include study of programming languages such as C++, SQL, or Java, visual basic, application development and testing, interfacing with a myriad of different operating systems and databases, and troubleshooting. Valuable skills to possess in the industry include interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.

Similar areas of study to Computer Programming include software engineering, database development, customer support, system analyst, computer networking, and technology management.

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