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  1. University of Phoenix Click for Recommended Degree Program
  2. Kaplan University Online Click for Recommended Degree Program
  3. Colorado Technical University Click for Recommended Degree Program

Web Development

Web Development

These days every company has a website and this rapid proliferation of sites signals an increasing demand for web developers. Web developers are equal parts tech-savvy and creative and often work as part of a web development team.

As a creator of websites you will become familiar with developing web platforms, e-commerce strategy, Web marketing, programming languages and database management. Web development is a great place to be and the Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the sector will grow by 37 percent in the next ten years which is much faster than average for all occupations. And if that’s not enough, how does a salary to the tune of $75,000 sound to you? That’s what we thought.

Similar areas of study to web development include web design, e-commerce and e-business, desktop and web publishing, and internet marketing.

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