Massage & Spa

Massage Therapy

In today’s busy world, everybody needs stress relief and relaxation. In the massage and spa area of study, you can help administer to people on a daily basis and get the stress relief, relaxation, balanced health and wellness they need.

With a degree in acupuncture, colinica hydrotherapy or massage therapy you will treat pain and chronic illness, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and help with detoxification.

A yoga instructor can lead, motivate, and inspire students to enjoy improved relaxation, flexibility, health and wellness. In a related industry, personal trainers educate clients about nutrition and exercise and lead them in exercise programs that create a healthy lifestyle.

If you are more into helping people reduce stress by focusing on “life force energy,” you may be interested in a hypnotherapy, parapsychics and Reiki program. Read up on these programs and enroll today!

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