Best Careers for 2013

  1. Web Designer

    Web designers are crucial in business today making them in high demand. Web designers are not your typical graphic designer, they design websites that can be viewed by many different devices including phone, televisions and computers. They design websites in a way that will help businesses represent themselves out on the web. They are responsible for the aesthetics of a site and how the content is presented. Web designers spend a lot of their time using programs like Adobe Photoshop and also coding websites using HTML and CSS. Many web designers also have a basic understanding on how to work with different programming languages. They will also find themselves using javascript libraries such as jQuery.

    Salary Information

    Established Web designers can make around $76,000 per year. Many web designers are self employed and make much more.

  2. Criminal Investigator

    Criminal investigators are all over television and in books. Criminal investigator's lives are usually portrayed as exciting and never boring. But what do real criminal investigators do? Criminal investigators solve crimes with the help of informants, suspects and witnesses. They take evidence gathered and use it to solve crimes that have been committed. They are in charge of keeping records and background information on criminals. Their main objective is to gather enough evidence to help convict criminals of their crimes. There are many different criminal investigation specialties depending on they types of crimes that are committed. Some of them include burglary, domestic violence, homicide, missing persons, narcotics, computer crimes and fraud. Each type of investigation requires special skills and experience.

    Salary Information

    Established Criminal Investigators can make around $100,000 per year.

  3. Network Administrator

    With the world becoming more and more connected, there is a need to keep the world connected. Computers, phones and offices in general need to connect to networks, either wirelessly or through a wired connection. These networks are very important and data stored within the network are stored on servers. Some companies have their own server rooms solely dedicated to storing the company servers. The servers and the networks require network administrators to maintain the hardware and software that run these networks to keep connected to the world. When you become a network administrator, you will be in charge of maintaining these networks, and troubleshooting problems that may arise with the network. Most companies are very dependent on the people who keep their technology running so they can continue to run their businesses.

    Salary Information

    Established Network Adminstrators can make around $106,000 per year.

  4. CPA

    Do you create detailed budgets and stick to them? If you answered yes, you may want to consider switching careers because you would make a great certified public accountant (CPA). Certified public accountants track the spendings and earnings of organizations. They create reports, analyze budgets and make sure companies adhere to generally accepted accounting principals (GAAP). Certified public accountants keep records, and create reports for management, the public and the government. The information in these reports is vital to managers as they make decisions and decide on business strategies. The public needs reports prepared by accountants so they can make wise investment decisions and make the investments that many corporations depend on. Governments need these reports so they know how much a business must pay in taxes.

    Salary Information

    Established Certified Public Accountants can make around $105,000 per year. Many are self employed and make much more.

  5. Environmental Engineer

    Environmental engineering is relatively new, and has emerged within the last 20 years or so. Environmental Engineers typically solve problems that help preserve the environment, natural resources, and wildlife. The results of Environmental Engineers benefit the communities they work in, but their efforts may also have a larger reach into the world community as a whole. Science and engineering play a big part in this career. It is an excellent choice for people who love solving problems, improving areas and making lives better. Environmental engineers depend on their working knowledge of biology, hazardous waste, statistics, geology, hydrogeology, public health ecology, chemical engineering, agricultural engineering, civil engineering and so many more subjects.

    Salary Information

    Established Environmental Engineers can make around $116,000 per year.

  6. Forensic Psychologist

    Do you have a passion for the criminal justice system and an interest in the workings of the human mind? Forensic psychologists have interesting careers that combines the criminal justice and psychology fields. This line of work is extremely rewarding because it allows you to help make individual’s lives better and help improve and protect communities. People with this job usually work in the criminal justice system and often act as expert witnesses. Forensic psychologists work with judges and attorneys to help them understand psychological aspects of court cases. To to this, they work in one of three areas: family court, civil court or criminal court.

    Salary Information

    Established Forensic Psychologists can make around $117,000 per year.

  7. Software Developer

    A software developer is one of the most important people in the creation of the electronic devices you use every day. They may be computers, phones, cameras, electronic books and a host of other electronic devices, but most likely a day does not go by without you using an electronic device running sophisticated software. To understand the job of a software developer, you need to understand the difference between software and hardware. As a software developer, you will use a variety of tools to create software. Careers in software development use a variety of programming languages such as C++, flash, and Java. There are many different tools out there for you to use as a software developer.

    Salary Information

    Established Software Developers can make around $132,000 per year.

  8. Registered Nurse

    Nursing is the largest occupation in the health care industry, with more than 2.6 million nurses in the United States. Nurses are responsible for treating, educating and helping patients. One of the reasons that nurses love their careers is because of the high level of interaction with patients, nurses often have more patient interaction than doctors or any other position in the health care industry. The majority of nurses work in hospitals.

    Salary Information

    Established Registered Nurses can make around $94,000 per year.

  9. Special Education Teacher

    Special education teachers have the very rewarding job of teaching children and youth with cognitive, physical and emotional disabilities. These educators teach academic, social and life skills so their students can reach their fullest potential. People with this career work with children who struggle with mental retardation, autism, brain injuries, hearing impairments, visual impairments, health impairments or one of many other disabilities. Special education teachers can work in preschools, elementary, middle or secondary schools. Sometimes these teachers work with children in a classroom that is specifically for children with disabilities and sometimes they work with a child with special needs in a general education classroom. Special education teachers may also work with a general education teacher to teach a class with both general education and special education students. Teachers who work with younger children sometimes even work with children and their parents in their homes.

    Salary Information

    Established Special Education Teachers can make around $84,000 per year.

  10. Massage Therapist

    Massage therapy is an exciting field where a massage therapist uses a variety of massage techniques to help others. If you become a massage therapist you will reduce your client’s stress, treat injuries and pain. Many people also seek out a massage therapist for relaxation and consider it an essential part of recreation. Careers and opportunities in massage therapy are expected to grow. The demand for massage therapists is expected to increase due to the number and popularity of health spas increasing. A massage therapist enjoys regular clientele, since people often receive massages on a regular basis. Massage therapy is a great career if you want to help people and you can even start up your own business with a steady client base.

    Salary Information

    Established Massage Therapists can make around $69,000 per year.

Best Careers

Best Careers

Selling the fact that a college degree is needed does not require much of an article to make its point. College is an easy choice for most people to make, the difficulty is often finding the right career to go to college for. Things are changing fast these days and staying on top of the big movers and shakers in the workforce will help you understand what career you should train for. Read on for the best careers to earn a degree for.


Sure, the heading is not too descriptive, but there is a reason for that. Almost any field in medicine is a good field to pursue. You can get a certificate in a year and start working as a licensed vocational nurse or you could run down the long and tough path of earning an education to become a doctor. The medical field is booming for quite a few reasons, the first and most important of which is our aging population. With the baby boomers entering their retirement years, they are going to spend more time somewhere in the healthcare sector to ensure their retirement is long and fruitful. Earn a degree in medicine and you will easily find a position in the field after graduation, or in many cases, before you even finish college.

Web Development

There is not much need for a long and drawn out description of the importance of web developers. You see it every time you log into a webpage. Some of your favorite sites probably organize their information in an easy to understand and well thought-out flow. The person or persons that created that site design were web designers. They make sure that when you visit a web page, you are able to easily get the information you want and implement unique features to try to set themselves apart from other web sites. In addition, themes for blogging sites have become increasingly popular and learning to create them can bring you a sizable income as you set them free into the world for a fee ranging from $20-$80 per theme.

Information Technology

Somewhat along the same lines as web development, Information Technology is a large technological job sector, and it is growing at an alarmingly fast rate. As offices and businesses rely more and more on networked computer systems, the likelihood of lost business due to a failure on some part becomes much more intimidating. By bringing in a crew of I.T. professionals, they can be sure that all the large and minor problems are fixed as soon as they happen. By employing an I.T. team, they can also ensure that plenty of preventative maintenance is being done to their network, in order to ensure the failure rate is lower. In addition, an I.T. graduate will spend some time working on specific machines throughout the office as issues arise. You can expect to earn an I.T. degree in as little as two years depending on the type of program you study and you will likely earn well over $45,000 a year in your early days in the profession.

Law Enforcement

No matter how advanced we become as a society, we will always have to worry about crime. It is a constant factor that keeps law enforcement at the forefront of city budget concerns. You can enter any number of fields in the criminal justice sector and be ready to start in a very short amount of time. Your income and hours will vary based on your education, experience and position, but you should find a huge variety of positions to enter into the field. Speak with an advisor at a college or trade school to get a better idea of your options.

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