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Criminal Investigator

Criminal Investigator

Students often look at the economy to help them decide what type of career they should prepare for through college. Law enforcement is one of the areas that is rarely affected by tough economic times, if anything the need for trained criminal justice professionals goes up. There are a wide variety of positions to enter into in the criminal justice field and becoming a criminal investigator will put you in a position to make a significant impact on your community. Also known as crime scene investigators, criminal investigators rarely proactively prevent crime. Instead, they hunt down the elusive suspects and bring them in to go to trial. You’ll work a great deal on unsolved crimes that require significant research and understanding and the best way to prepare is going to be an education and experience in the field.

Working in Criminal Investigation

As a criminal investigator you will be working in a position that puts you in a world of the unknowns. Certain crime dramas have portrayed CSI careers throughout time, and some have become extremely popular but they aren’t showing you the full break down of what you can expect in the job. You will visit crime scenes to determine what happened, often times these include physical assaults, murders, robberies or drug related crimes. Your training in college, and you experience in the working world, will make sure that you develop an eye for the little clues that an untrained individual would miss.

You may not start out as a criminal investigator in many situations, but you can move to the position fairly quickly. It starts with an education, which leads to a bachelor’s degree in forensic science or another related field. Many students continue on to a master’s degree which will include criminal justice related courses. Just as important as education is experience and you will need to get started as soon as possible. You will also want to ensure that you are prepared for a certification before you enter the field, but that won’t be difficult as long as you focus on your education and get some time on the job.

Upon graduation, expect an income in the $55,000 a year range. This will be based on a number of factors, including; experience, education, time in position, accolades, employer, and location. Most of these things can be worked on while you are in school if you are willing to spend the time to do it. The hardest part is finding a balance between work and school. Fortunately, you have options.

Balancing your Life

Colleges are well aware of the difficulties that are brought about by their incredibly difficult course schedules. Their reaction was to ensure as many courses or degree programs were offered in an online setting. Online degree programs allow students to work at their pace with just a few key due dates to meet. This means that students, no matter how busy they may be, can find the time to earn a degree when they are ready.

Once you enroll in an online degree program, you will find a centralized hub online that lists all of your courses. Here you visit a course and find plenty of online tools to make your learning process more defined and easier. You’ll also find a list of due dates that need to be met. Other dates are simply set as guidance to help you stay on track with the class. As long as you submit your graded assignments by the due date, you are in charge of your schedule on a daily basis. There is no attendance policy and you work on assignments when you want. This freedom lets you get started on an education, no matter how busy your life is, so take those first steps and start working on the career you will love.

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