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Crime Scene Investigator

Crime Scene Investigator

Almost everyone has watched in awe as a crime scene investigator on television or in a movie sees evidence no one else can see, understands the minds of criminals, and serves justice to perpetrators. Sherlock Holmes, Ray Langston, and Temperance Brennan all make the job of crime scene investigator seem glamours and easy.

While in reality the job of a crime scene investigator may not be glamours and easy, it can be exciting and rewarding. A criminal investigator works with informants, suspects, and witnesses to solve criminal mysteries. Using forensic evidence, they solve crimes and work to gather enough evidence for a court appearance and the sentencing of a criminal.

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Specialized Areas in Crime Scene Investigation

Crime scene investigators can specialize in a specific area like burglary, domestic violence, homicide, missing persons, narcotics, computer crime, or fraud, among other areas. Depending on their area of expertise, a crime scene investigator will face different challenges and could have very different responsibilities. Cases also vary greatly depending on the situation, so every day as a crime scene investigator is different with new challenges.

A Day in the Life of a Criminal Investigator

Crime scene investigators often work on site, looking for evidence and investigating crime scenes or interviewing witnesses and people of interest. They also spend some time in an office analyzing evidence, creating reports, and coordinating investigation efforts.

Depending on different factors, crime scene investigators can make anywhere between $41,111 to $79,667 a year. Many crime scene investigators work in law enforcement, legal services, government, or business intelligence.

Crime scene investigators have a very unique, exciting, and rewarding job. As they use their skills to bring criminals to justice and protect communities, crime scene investigators are rewarded with a career they enjoy and a feeling that they have helped make someone’s life better.

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