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Criminal Investigator Career

criminal investigator career

Imagine a career where you spend your time interviewing informants, working with the police, and analyzing evidence. This is exactly what a criminal investigator career is. This job is often exciting and fast paced, and always presents new challenges.

People with a criminal investigator career work with informants, suspects, and witnesses to solve criminal mysteries and put perpetrators behind bars. This career can be extremely rewarding because a lot of a criminal investigator’s efforts are aimed at protecting people and making communities better.

Criminal Investigator Career Specializations

With this career, you can choose to specialize in an area like burglary, domestic violence, homicide, missing persons, narcotics, computer crime, or fraud, among other areas. Each of these areas brings different challenges and criminal investigators could have vastly different responsibilities, depending on their specialization.

Because no two cases are exactly alike, a criminal investigator career is perfect for people looking for a job full of problem solving, fast-paced work, and exciting work days.

What Criminal Investigators Do

Criminal investigator careers can vary but most people with this job spend some of their time on site, looking for evidence and investigating crime scenes or interviewing witnesses and people of interest. They also spend some time analyzing evidence and information and coordinating investigation efforts. No matter their specialty, people with a criminal investigator career all have the same goal: find enough evidence to convict the criminal.

Depending on different factors, criminal investigators can make anywhere between *$41,111 to $79,667 a year. Many criminal investigators often work in law enforcement, legal services, government, or business intelligence.

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