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Criminal Investigator Training

Criminal Investigator Training

Criminal investigators get to serve and protect communities in a unique, fast-paced way. People with this job help law enforcement officials find criminals and bring them to justice. They do this by interviewing suspects and analyzing evidence to identify criminals, determine how they committed the crime, and sometimes assist in trying to understand a criminal’s motive.

Education Requirements

Successful criminal investigators have at least a high school diploma. However, to increase their chances of landing their dream job, most criminal investigators earn a certificate or a bachelor’s degree at a college or university.

Courses in science, chemistry, biology, psychology, computers, law enforcement, forensic science, police science, crime analysis, fraud investigation, and private security prepare students to hit the ground running as a criminal investigator. These subjects will prove to be relevant as you spend time at the scene of a crime and in laboratories.

Earning a master’s degree not only furthers your knowledge, but could help you advance your career. Criminal investigators with a master’s degree may have more employment opportunities and even higher salaries.

Other Qualifications and Job Experience

Criminal investigators are required to take a Law Enforcement Civil Service Exam. The specifics of this exam vary from state to state, but there are study aides available. People with this career must also work under another criminal investigator for anywhere from one to three years before they can work on their own.

As with most jobs, previous experience in the same, or similar fields, can help when it comes time to find that first job out of college. Experience as a security guard, hotel investigator, or police officer can help boost your resume. Military experience can also helpful and is an attractive quality to potential employers.

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