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Criminal Investigators vs Special Agents

Criminal Investigators vs Special Agents

Do you want to go back to school and continue your education so that you can live a better life? If you should find that this is true, you may be wondering about a career in criminal justice. Criminal justice is a very popular career field and college major and there are a great many job opportunities in this career field. If you are interested in one of these popular careers, you may find that you want to know the difference between criminal investigators vs special agents. In this article, you will learn about what a criminal investigator does as well as what a special agent does. Additionally, you will learn about the educational requirements for both careers. Once you know these important pieces of information, you will be able to decide which is the best career choice for you.

Criminal Investigator Job Description

A criminal investigator is a law enforcement professional. They attempt to solve crimes by analyzing evidence found at a crime scene, conducting interviews, and doing surveillance to uncover criminal activity. Depending on what your specialty in criminal investigation is, you may have a lot of various duties. You will check records on criminals and come up with enough evidence to be used in a court case. In some instances, you will also wear a disguise in an effort to gain information about criminals and their activity. You will make documentations about their whereabouts and conversations. A lot of time is also spent in tracing phone calls, performing internet searches and background checks on suspects.  Many times, a criminal investigator will specialize in a certain area, such as burglary, domestic violence, homicide, arson, missing persons, or fraud. This is just a comprehensive list. There are a great deal many areas that you could specialize in as a criminal investigator. In the criminal investigators vs special agents comparison, the former works more with general law enforcement issues and is most commonly found in local police stations.

Special Agent Job Description

Continuing with the criminal investigators vs special agents analysis, special agents investigate alleged or suspected criminal violations of federal, state or even local laws. They need to determine whether there is sufficient evidence for prosecution to occur. They will also locate and use informants to gain information about the crime. They can perform surveillance. A special agent can testify in a court of law as well.  You will see that when you compare criminal investigators vs special agents, the job descriptions are actually very similar. One area is just more specialized than the other.

Now that you know about the job descriptions when you compare criminal investigators vs special agents, you should be able to decide which of these jobs in the popular criminal justice field is right for you. When you do decide, the first step to getting a job is to go back to school. Choose a college or university of your choice and speak to a guidance counselor about getting enrolled in the proper courses. Your counselor can also help you to apply for financial aid and answer any questions that you may have. Once you complete your courses and earn your criminal justice degree, you will be able to enter the work force and apply for jobs so that you can have a better future. Don’t wait, but get started today!

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