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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is the set of systems, laws, organizations, and institutions that give a community order and control. It also makes it possible to prevent crimes, give penalties for crimes, and rehabilitate criminals.

People who work in the criminal justice field usually have careers working as court reporters, investigators, forensic scientists, homeland security officers, or even computer forensic scientists. This is a very rewarding industry as the professionals with these careers serve on a daily basis by protecting individuals, communities, and even countries.

The Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system has three parts: law enforcement, adjudication, and corrections. Each part of the system is unique and offers different employment opportunities.

The law enforcement portion is where people first enter the criminal justice system. Positions in this field include police officers, criminal investigator, and some special agents. They make arrests, enforce the law, and provide services.

Adjudication, the next portion of the criminal justice system, is where a criminal appears in court. Judges, attorneys, and lawyers all work in court rooms to bring criminals to justice, prove suspects’ innocence, and uphold the law.

The final step in the criminal justice system is corrections. This is where criminals spend time in jail or on parole or probation. People like parole officers and rehabilitation professionals work in this section of the system and have jobs that protect the community from criminals. They also help ex-convicts get their lives in order after they leave prison.

Criminal Justice Education

Criminal justice was introduced as an academic area of study in the 1920s. Today, most criminal justice education programs cover both the practical and technical aspects of police work as well as social deviance in general.

Other topics covered in most criminal justice programs include court systems, criminal courts, corrections, juvenile justice, forensic psychology, and victimology.

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