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Detectives and Criminal Investigators

Detectives and Criminal Investigators

Our world has few careers that will never go away. Unfortunately, one of those is in law enforcement. Crime is never going to be eradicated, so people that are trained to be detectives and criminal investigators will always be in demand. Detectives and criminal investigators are the people that solve crimes. Rarely will a criminal turn themselves in or leave their information to be found easily. Detectives and criminal investigators are used to help research clues and track down criminals and their motives. This can be a stressful job that requires a great deal of fortitude, but one that can also be very rewarding.

Job Description

Detectives and criminal investigators will most likely work as part of the police force, F.B.I., or I.R.S., solving the relevant cases for each agency. Because of the varied positions you can hold you will want to specialize in your education. If you plan to work for the I.R.S. for example you may want to study criminal justice and financial law. F.B.I. work may require a wider understanding of law and possibly a secondary or tertiary language. Keep these in mind and research the most appropriate course of study for the field or fields you are most interested in.

Your day to day tasks will vary based on location. If you are in a police precinct with a very low crime rate, you may work in the field as a police officer often. Your specialized skills will come into play when unsolved crimes are committed. If your area has a high crime rate, on the other hand, you may spend a great deal of time, or even have a backlog of cases that you are investigating. Much of your work will be in researching graphic crimes and you may spend a great deal of time working with very unpleasant information. If you do not have the stomach for this, it may be worth looking for less graphic work in the field.


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