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What is a Criminal Investigator

What is a Criminal Investigator

When a crime occurs it is rare for the criminal to turn themselves in or to purposely leave clues to the reasoning or motive behind the crime. This is where a criminal investigator comes in to help solve the crime. What is a criminal investigator though?

Criminal investigators generally work as part of the police force, F.B.I., or I.R.S. to try and solve relevant crimes. You are most likely going to work in one of these career paths, specializing in investigations. Through school, focus on classes that will help you earn a criminal justice degree. If your school offers additional courses related to investigation, those would be a good idea as well. If the I.R.S. is your end goal, taking financial law related courses will give you an important edge after graduation.

When you ask, “What is a criminal investigator?”, you should spend a great deal of time thinking of your expectations of the job. What is it you wish to do, exactly? Are you interested in local or national crimes more? Would you like to investigate murder crime scenes, or something a little less difficult to stomach? The answers you have will drive you toward your end goal through your research. Crime comes in many forms, so specializing in the role you wish to take is the most important step you will take in your education.

What is a criminal investigator career’s day to day expectations? Most days will hopefully, be fairly mundane. You may be a beat cop, patrolling the streets, pulling over speeders and other related day to day police work. The days that your training comes into play are when unsolved crimes occur. Depending on your area and its crime rate, this may be a daily occurrence and you may build up a lot of cases to work. The best course of research here is through your localities main web site. Most sites will have a crime tracker that let you see the crime rates in your area as compared to others. This will help you temper your expectations early on.

Going to College

Earning your degree will require a significant investment and reworking of your schedule. This may not be a possibility for everyone. Many hopeful students come upon this hurdle and stop. Then, they just kick the can down the road, until they no longer think about school. Others do their research and learn about online degree programs.

Online schools offer you many time-saving options that will allow you to leap over the scheduling hurdle with relative ease. Each online class will provide you with a schedule. This schedule will give you dates to complete assigned work. This work will include textbook study, tests, quizzes and other related, graded homework. You will rarely, if ever, have a scheduled meeting for your class, so you can decide how to study and complete this work on a daily basis. Since most online classes can teach a larger number of students than traditional classroom study, your classroom discussions will also be more robust with a wider range of viewpoints. These discussions are generally held through chat rooms or message boards. All of this ultimately puts time on your side and allows you to start earning your degree as soon as you find the right school.

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