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Criminal Justice Jobs

Criminal Justice Jobs

Employment experts consider criminal justice jobs one of the top careers to enter into today. These jobs are not dependent on the current economic climate. Instead, the number of available jobs corresponds with the crime rate in a defined area. Poor economic conditions typically cause a surge in crimes, which means these jobs continue to grow.

Jobs in Criminal Justice

The primary jobs within the criminal justice field are police officers and FBI investigators. Police officer jobs are standard, entry-level positions, where those who have no prior law enforcement experience typically start their law enforcement careers. FBI investigator positions require extensive experience in the criminal justice field, as well as at least a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Both of these positions provide an excellent career, with plenty of opportunities for advancement.

Police Officer

The requirements for becoming a police officer vary depending on the state, as well as the department. Most police departments require their police officers to earn, at the minimum, a two-year associate’s in criminal justice. Some police departments require a bachelor’s degree in addition to specialized training at the departments own or state ran police academy. Police officers must be in exceptional physical condition, since police officers need to defend themselves during a physical confrontation. They also must be able to maintain speed and endurance during a chase on foot. All police departments require firearms training, especially with the advent of technologically advanced weaponry.

Police officers work on the front line of crime, whether involves issuing moving violations or responding to domestic violence calls. These criminal justice jobs do not typically involve participating high priority investigations, such as homicides. However, police officers respond first to most crime scenes and they present their findings to the investigators in charge of the case. Police officers work in a variety of ways that includes driving a patrol car, riding a motorcycle, or conducting mounted duty on a horse. Some police officers receive assignments to local schools to ensure student safety. Becoming a police officer after you have finished the required college education is an excellent way to enter into the law enforcement field.

FBI Agent

The FBI is the nation’s premier law enforcement agency. With these criminal justice jobs, you will be entitled to work virtually anywhere in the country and have the agency pay for any relocation costs associated with your career. The salary earned through these government level jobs is higher than other careers within law enforcement because of the rigorous requirements of the job. The overall salary for the FBI agent will depend on the location of the agent, as well as the agent’s law enforcement experience. The FBI requires all candidates to be under the age of 37 and that they are in excellent physical condition. However, candidates who have prior military experience may receive a waiver for the age requirement.

The FBI is in charge of any crimes that break federal laws and cross state lines. For instance, FBI investigators handle most kidnapping cases, since most kidnappings cross state lines. Other types of crimes investigated by the FBI include drug trafficking, cyber crime, and terrorism. While they work alongside local law enforcement, the FBI takes charge of the investigations.

Criminal justice jobs are available through law enforcement agencies across the country at the local, county, state, and federal levels. It is very likely that once you graduate college with a degree in criminal justice, you will be able to get the job of your dreams. As with most of these jobs, you should earn a high salary and garner job security throughout your career. If you have always wanted a fast-paced career that is both financially and personally rewarding, then you should go back to college today to earn your associate’s or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from either a traditional or online college.

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