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Forensic Science

Forensic Science

Forensic science is an extremely exciting and rewarding career. People with this job use their understanding of science in the legal and criminal justice worlds. They use special tools and techniques to do things like identify bodies, determine time and cause of death, find suspects, and even testify in court.

This job is similar to a forensic psychologist job and is both rewarding and interesting since forensic scientists use their skills to help serve justice and protect communities. Many court cases depend on the assistance, knowledge, and professional opinions of forensic scientists.

What Forensic Scientists Do

While all forensic scientists have the same goal of assisting law enforcement as they solve problems, there are several different specialities within forensic science that reach this goal in different ways.

Digital forensic science is the gathering of evidence from electronic equipment and reporting findings while forensic art includes sketching suspects and crime and court room scenes. These efforts, in drawing and sculpting, help identify and locate suspects.

Impression evidence forensic science uses fingerprints, tire marks, and even bullet marks to solve crimes and latent prints forensic science focuses on fingerprints at crime scenes. Firearms forensic science is the amazing practice of using marks on bullets, cartridge casings, and surfaces to determine the type of firearm used or to determine if a specific firearm was the one used at the crime scene.

Entomology forensic science uses insects like flies, beetles, and even bees and moths to determine time and location of death, forensic anthropology is the examination of the human skeleton to identify victims, time of death, and to find victim descendants. Pathology is the analyzation of bodies to find the cause of death and identify the victim.

Careers in Forensic Science

Depending on where they work and what they specialize in, forensic scientists usually make somewhere between $39,730 and $69,842 a year. Forensic scientists commonly work for the FBI, a police force, the government, or in a law enforcement agency. They often go into sectors like business intelligence, private investigation, science and engineering, or laboratory work.

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