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Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

Children always know what they want to be when they grow up. In reality, when it comes time to choose a career path for school the answers are not always so clear. Fortunately there are degrees that can answer this problem. Interdisciplinary studies gives you the ability to study multiple degree paths without dedicating your course work exclusively to one.

Careers using an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

With interdisciplinary studies you could potentially study child development, history and business. While your degree will not be as specialized as someone that studied one of these choices exclusively, you will bring a unique perspective to your potential employer. It would be wise to try to keep your interdisciplinary studies degree courses related in some way to give you an edge when it comes time to land a job. Pursuing this degree plan can give you a significant edge over other job seekers as long as you set your course study correctly. Speak with professionals, academic advisors or family to get a good idea of what may be the best course of study.

Because this degree path is so varied, job outlook and salary expectations are impossible to nail down. Look at job boards to see who is hiring for what you are interested in, then do the research on that particular field to get a solid idea of the salary expectations in your area.

Another important note in this field is your level of degree. You can get a four year education for a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and continue down one of the paths specializing in it. This is an important consideration as the job market becomes more and more intense. Ensure that you find every edge you can when it comes time to start interviews. Since this is a fairly new type of degree, spend time with an admissions advisor to get advice for how to specialize along with this degree. If you are still unsure, contact recruiters for employers to find out what they look for in the hiring process.

Going to College Online

Finding the time in an already busy schedule can be nearly impossible for some and very difficult for others. This is why most students consider online degree programs, many of them earning their degree exclusively online. Most colleges offer some form of online degree program, many allow you to earn a degree without spending any time on a physical campus.

Online educations work in much the same way as traditional classroom study. There are a few important differences to note, though. At the start of the semester, your entire schedule will be provided. Your instructor may assign textbook study alongside lecture notes provided in an audio, video or text format. Your graded assignments can be complete when and how you wish as long as they are submitted on or before the date due. This allows students to complete their courses ahead of schedule if the instructor allows. As you can see, these reasons are a huge drive for students with busy schedules. Taking the time to research the right study path and school will go a long way in getting you ready to start your new career using your interdisciplinary studies degree.

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