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Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an exciting field where a massage therapist uses a variety of massage techniques to help others. If you become a massage therapist then you will reduce your client’s stress, treat injuries and pain. Many people also seek out a massage therapist for relaxation and consider it an essential part of recreation. Careers and opportunities in massage therapy are expected to grow. The demand for massage therapists is expected to increase due to the number and popularity of health spas is increasing. A massage therapist enjoys regular clientele, since people often receive massages on a regular basis. Massage therapy is a great career if you want to help people and you can even start up your own business with a steady client base.

Massage Therapy Programs

Becoming a massage therapist requires attending a school that teaches massage therapy and prepares you to obtain a license to practice massage therapy. A massage therapist needs to know about human anatomy. They deal entirely with the muscles and need to know the individual muscles and how they function in the human body. You will use this knowledge of the muscles to learn massage techniques that target individual muscle groups in the body when you perform massages. A massage therapist is often considered a practitioner of alternative medical treatments, and you may wish to study alternative forms of medical treatment to improve the lives of your clients.

Online Massage Therapy Schools

You have a lot of options for schools if you want to become a massage therapist; massage therapy schools are numerous and can be found in nearly every major city in the United States. Recently one of the most popular ways to become a massage therapist is attending online massage therapy schools. These schools will teach you the basics of anatomy and movement, as well as the massage techniques, business techniques, and ethics of the massage therapy field that you will need to become a fully licensed massage therapist. Massage therapists make between *$17,270 and *$68,670 a year.

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