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Database Administrator

Database Administrator

Any company needs a way to store and share information with their employees. The best way to do this, currently, is to ensure that the information is stored in a central database and that employees are able to access it through a network. This work similarly to looking up information on the internet, but the difference is that a network is more of a self-contained internet that is only accessed by specific individuals. To ensure that their network always has access to this database, companies hire a database administrator to maintain and improve their network and database. Once you enter the field as a database administrator you will be a key part of what makes a company productive and you will be well compensated for your skills.

Working with a Database

To get started in the field, two things are more important than anything else; experience and education. You will want to earn a bachelor’s degree at a minimum, but more often than not, students will pursue a master’s degree, and that is just what employers are looking for. While employers will hire those with a bachelor’s degree, more success can be found by earning a master’s degree, so make sure this is a consideration once you start school.

You will also need to ensure you are willing to take continuing education classes throughout your career. Sometimes this will be a weekend spent studying some updates to how a database works, other times it will be a simple power point presentation. Your education will teach you how a database work and the ins and outs of taking full advantage of the tools used to ensure it is working properly, but a decade after you graduate, things will be completely different and you will need to evolve with the changing technology.

Because information and productivity are paramount to the success of a company, you will be a cornerstone of your company’s work force. Your skills will be used daily to ensure that information can get out to employees and that the network will not run in to issues at any time. Because you are so important to the daily business of your employer, you will be well compensated in the field. The average income for a database administrator is somewhere around $75,000 a year, but that varies based on education, experience, specializations, employer, location and other factors. Earning experience while you are in school will give you an advantage when it comes to the job hunt, so finding a balance between a school and work schedule is going to be important.

Balancing Everything

The best way to ensure you can work to gain experience and attend college full time is to look into an online degree program. This gives you the ability to attend college without making a significant change to your work schedule. The degree you earn upon graduation will be the same as if you attended classes in a traditional campus based setting, but your path to earning your degree will be much more forgiving.

An online course includes all of the tools and learning devices you need to succeed. What it doesn’t include is chairs and schedules. Instead, an online course will have a semester calendar that includes the due dates for specific work. How and when you prepare that work is up to you, you just need to ensure it is submitted by that date. You can do your school work on your schedule, day, night or early morning, and the only thing you have to focus on is ensuring you meet a few specific dates through the semester. This freedom to go to school on your schedule should make it possible to earn your degree and experience in the field right away.

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