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Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse

The medical field is constantly growing. This in part due to the fact that our population is growing and the baby boomers are aging. As more people enter our world and others get older, medical attention is needed more and more. Medical facilities are constantly struggling to stay staffed and becoming a registered nurse will put you in a position that lets you enter this field and have a huge impact on the patients that you work with each day. As a registered nurse you will work with patients of all ages and all types of ailments, but you can decide if you want to work in a hospital, office setting or a totally unique medical facility of your choice.

Becoming an RN

To become a registered nurse you first need to start by earning a degree. A registered nursing degree will generally take four years, but students that find a little extra time to really push for their degree can finish college even faster. This is a science based degree program so expect to work with a great deal of medical tools and learn the ins and outs of how the body works. Your knowledge will pay off as you deal with patients each day and your education will go a long way in preparing you to take your registered nursing certification exam. Many students are already scouted by an employer before they graduate, so you won’t wait long to start working once you graduate.

As an RN you can expect a pretty diverse range of incomes and hours. For example, if you work at an E.R. for a hospital, you may work 60 hours some weeks and earn significant over time. If, instead, you work for a medical office, you will generally work around 40 hours a week and earn your base salary. In general R.N.s earn about $60,000 a year to start, but that number will vary a great deal based on where you work, your experience, your position and the amount of overtime you earn.

There is plenty of room for growth and competition in the nursing field so earning experience early is a great way to get a head start. Once you earn your associate’s degree you will likely want to consider working in a hospital as a nurse with an associate’s degree. The income here will be significant as well, but not quite what you will earn upon finishing college. The trick is going to be finding a way to balance work and a busy college schedule at the same time. Fortunately, colleges have implemented new ways to study that makes this not only possible, but fairly easy.

Online Learning

By earning a degree from an online college degree program, you overcome many of the hurdles that students struggle with as they try to incorporate a college course schedule into their already busy lives. College’s give you access to an online hub that acts as a virtual campus and this campus links to each of your online classrooms.

The subject matter that you learn will be the same online or off, and there are plenty of tools to ensure that you are learning what you need to learn. Your main focus will be a schedule of due dates that will keep you on track and ensure your graded work is submitted on time. The key to your education is submitting the work by the due date. Outside of that, your only responsibility is to find the time to study. The advantage of an online course is that you can choose that time each day. If you are working a long weekend with Monday and Tuesday off, you can just work on your assignments then without worrying about “attending” class. This gives you the ability to earn your degree quickly and easily, so take that first step and get in contact with an admissions advisor.

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