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Software Developer

Software Developer

Any electronic device you use has some sort of software built into it. From your smartphone or tablet to your microwave or television remote, software helps the electronic device “think”. The software that makes all of the magic happen is designed by a software developer. A software developer uses a number of languages (depending on the project) to write instruction, or code, for a particular device or application or piece of software. For example, the website you are reading this on is using code that was designed for the purpose of web design. There are plenty of languages out there that you can learn, but C++ will be one of the first ones you focus on as you start your education. Over time you will gain an understanding of the logic and puzzle solving that goes into writing a piece of software and you will more easily learn additional languages that may be better suited for specific projects.

Entering Software Development

One of the great advantages of software development comes from the fact that you can start gaining experience in the field early on. During your interview process you will either be quizzes, or have a portfolio, that shows that you have a decent understanding of programming as a whole. In most cases, before you graduate, you can start to work as a software developer in a sense. Instead of writing code, you will often be on a team of individuals that go over already written code and start to figure out bugs and other issues that can cause problems with the software.

Software developers generally earn a minimum of $55,000-60,000 a year to start, with the possibility of bonuses or overtime depending on the employer. This will vary based on experience, education and your position within the company, but the growth potential is outstanding in the field. This is also a field that is growing at a very fast pace, so finding work should not be difficult at all, especially after you have earned your degree.

Computer science is most likely going to be the main focus of what you are studying and you can expect to learn a few fundamental languages during this time. The languages will vary a little, based on what is emerging or most popular, but in most cases, certain languages are very desirable. For example, C++ has been taught for a good while in college now, and that is because it is one of the most popular languages for companies to use. Outside of working for a company, you will also find plenty of opportunities to work as a contractor or freelance programmer to bring in some extra income.

Gaining Experience in School

It almost always seems impossible to work and go to school at the same time. College schedules are far from easy to work around, and that has been a hurdle that has kept countless students from starting school when they are ready. Colleges are well aware of this and have worked hard to ensure the online degree programs they offer are as easy to work with as possible.

With a computer based education, online degree programs really shine. Most of your courses will have you behind a computer and with an online course you will already be where you need to do your assignments. You will have a schedule at the start of the semester with some due dates for graded work and others for keeping up with a lesson plan. The important dates are the graded due dates. As long as your projects and other graded assignments are submitted by that time, it is up to you to decide when you will work on your school work. Find the right school and you will find just how easy it is to earn your degree faster than you ever expected.

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