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Special Education Teacher

Special Education Teacher

There are plenty of important careers in education, but one of the most under represented is in the special education field. There are a few reasons for this, first and foremost is the fact that this is one of the more stressful, yet rewarding, areas that a teacher can enter. As a special education teacher it will be very important that you train yourself through school and other avenues to effectively handle a group of children with a wide range of learning challenges. A special education teacher often works in one of two areas of special education. The first deals with children that are struggling in school because of emotional issues or other mental blocks that makes it extremely difficult for them to deal with traditional classroom settings. The other side of the coin is those born with some type of learning disability that requires additional attention to ensure that they are given as many chances to live a productive and healthy life as possible.

Teaching in Special Education

If you have the patience and willingness to take on the challenge of special education you will find that this is easily one of the most rewarding careers that you can find. To get started, you need to focus on earning an education degree but specialization in special education will give you a higher likelihood of landing a position in the field much easier. Teaching careers are in demand, but there is still competition, so any advantage you can give yourself is a good one.

Some special education courses are focused on a specific area of learning while others are more generalized. This often depends on the age group you are teaching, so keep that in mind as you start working towards your degree. Some schools districts will require that you earn a specialized certification to teach special education and some schools will not. Again, researching your potential employers requirements will give you the ability to tailor your education around what you hope to do upon graduation.

In general teachers, special education teachers included, earn around $50,000 a year to start. This will vary a decent amount based on where you teach, your level of education, the amount of experience you have earned and other specific factors. Trying to work as a teacher’s aide while you are in school will give you plenty of advantages as you work towards entering the field in this career.

Earning your Degree

You will need to earn a bachelor’s degree at a minimum, but many special education teachers work towards a master’s degree. The problem often comes from balancing work and school at the same time. College degree programs are pretty demanding on your schedule, so finding a way to balance your schedules and succeed in work and school is important. Colleges are well aware of the difficulties, so they have embraced online degree programs at an alarming rate.

Online degree programs work much like traditional campus based educations, the difference is when you learn and how you learn. All of the material will be the same, but you will work on a schedule that includes many due dates throughout a semester. Your goal is to meet those due dates and submit the work before or on schedule. As long as you are completing the work on time, you decide when and how you study. This means you can study first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night. The choice is completely up to you. All that is left is that you find the right school and get started on your education. This field is rewarding and exciting, but it all starts with you taking the first step towards your education.


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