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Web Designer

Web Designer

In today’s internet connected world, web designers are crucial. Web design careers are in high demand. Web designers create the web pages on the internet accessed by computers, phones and other internet-enabled devices. They have the responsibility of presenting the message and content of the website in a clear and understandable format. They also have the responsibility of creating aesthetically pleasing websites that are unique and make a visual impression to attract the internet user to browse more of the site’s content. Most web designers use HyperText Markup Language, commonly known as HTML, as well as other programming languages to create these websites.

Web Design Programs

Courses and programs in web designs teach you everything you need to start designing professional, attractive web sites. Several programming languages are instructed, such as the previously mentioned HTML, as well as many others. Java programming, a very common way of designing advanced web features, is often taught. You may also learn Flash, used in creating custom animations and displaying video. PHP, known as hypertext processing, is a language that is an advanced programming and can be embedded into HTML to create dynamic websites. There is also CGI, an acronym for common gateway interface, which is a programming language that determines how your website will automatically react to requests from browser software.

You will also how to use a variety of different software applications that will assist you in creating websites. Some will center around image creation and manipulation, such as Photoshop or other various illustration programs. Some programs are specifically for web design, such as Adobe’s Dreamweaver or Macromedia’s Homesite.

Web Design Degrees Online

Degrees for future web designers are one of the most common online degrees and are offered by most of the largest online schools such as Kaplan University or the University of Phoenix. You will see these degrees online titled as web development or as web design and can usually be found as an emphasis of an Information Technology degree. A web designer can make between *$26,440 and *$76,450 a year.

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