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Best Web Design Colleges

Best Web Design Colleges

Web design is quickly becoming one of the top careers today. With the internet age in full swing and most consumers going to the internet for research before they utilize services or do business with most companies, many more companies are making the decision to host their own website. The only way the company can accomplish a successful website is to hire a web designer who has been educated and is qualified to build and maintain a webpage for them. The web designer can work in one of two ways, first of all, they can work directly for a company as a full-time employee, or they can work in a freelance setting, where they contract services out to companies and work their own hours and set their own rates. No matter what capacity the web designer works, the qualifications are the same, they must first go through one of the best web design colleges to earn either an Associates degree or Bachelors degree in web design.

Associates Degree

The Associates Degree in web design is a two year program that is available through all of the best web design colleges. These colleges generally offer at least the distance learning option, especially when you choose one of the best online colleges. In addition, some of these colleges also offer accelerated programs where you can earn your degree in less time than estimated. This program will give you the basic knowledge needed to gain entry level employment with an entry level salary in the web design field. With this degree, you will be qualified to work for a corporation or business, either large or small, to help them set up and maintain their web pages and social networking sites. This will promote the business and help you to gain the experience required if you choose to go another route with your career such as working freelance or a senior level position within the company.

Bachelors Degree

The most widely accepted degree program you will find at the best web design colleges is the Bachelors degree. This four year program is designed to give you additional information, schooling and experience working with various types of websites. With this degree, you will be qualified to work in a corporation with a slightly higher pay scale than that of the entry level employee with simply an Associates degree. In addition, since this program is more in depth than the two year program, you may also be eligible to go right into the freelance field if that is the path you aspire to achieve. If you have already earned your Associates and decide that a Bachelors degree is the one you really desire, you can always go back to college to earn the higher degree. When you already hold a degree, you may be eligible for various types of accelerated programs through a host of the top online universities and some of the best web design colleges where you can earn your Bachelors in as little as 1 ½ years on top of your Associates degree, instead of the typical two additional years it generally takes.

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