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How to Become a Freelance Web Designer

How to Become a Freelance Web Designer

When entering the field of web design, there are two different types of web design you can choose to do. The first, and possibly least used is that of the corporate web designer, where you work directly for one company as their employee. The next, and most widely used, and hardest to succeed in, is that of the freelance web designer which involves you being self employed and doing contractual work for companies. In this aspect, you can work for a multitude of companies at one time which requires you to be extremely determined to get your work done on time and accurately. How to become a freelance web designer can take time, you must first gain the necessary education, then on the job experience. Once you go through the required education and experience, it is still a competitive market to get into, therefore, it may take some time to really get your business up and running, although it will pay off for you in the long run, just be sure to keep an accurate portfolio of the work you complete to show to any future potential clients.

Education and Experience

When determining how to become a freelance web designer, a large part is that of educational experience. In order to succeed as a freelance web designer, you must have earned a Bachelors degree in web design which will give you the knowledge needed to work with no supervision successfully. This degree can be completed through most of the top online universities who offer distance learning as an option for their students. In addition to education, you must also gain employment through a corporation to gain more on the job training and experience that will be helpful to boost up your portfolio to show to potential clients in the future. Throughout this experience, you will most likely be working under a senior web developer who will give you more insight into how you can improve your work. Once you have a couple years’ experience, you should look at your own personality traits to determine how to become a freelance web designer.

Personality Traits

You must possess various personality traits when looking at how to become a freelance web designer. These traits include determination, self control and if you can successfully create artistic and positive web pages with absolutely no supervision. Since you will not be working in an office, you will have the ability to set your own hours which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your own personality. You must be determined in your success in order to maintain steady working hours to complete your projects on time and accurate. While this is a profession where you can work from home, you must be able to put your own needs aside for a set period of time each day to focus on just your work. A home office is a good thing to have where you can focus on work and nothing else. In addition, you must be confident in your work to ensure you do not need approval from another web designer before submitting your final project.

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