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Web Design School

Web Design School

You are reading this because a student graduated from a web design school and was able to create this website. Web design, for the most part, is as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if you read this on a smart phone, tablet PC, laptop, or desktop PC, a web designer had to build it to work on any device. Anything you visit online, from Facebook games to your web-based email, was created by a web designer. Some web designers are self-taught but are generally freelance employees. To enter the field of web design you will need to earn a degree from a web design school. You have multiple options to earn your education ranging from community colleges to trade schools, but there are important differences in each.

Trade schools will generally train you for an associate’s degree which is a great place to start. You may then wish to move on to a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s in web design. On the other hand, you may wish to enter a dedicated web design school to earn your bachelor’s. These schools focus on a few subjects, generally related, to prepare students for the work force. Generally, working professions will be teaching in dedicated schools. Another option is community colleges or traditional universities. These will give you a more balanced degree which could be a bonus if you have trouble finding a suitable web design career. With a degree earned through a university you can generally find work anywhere, though you may have a bit more trouble against students from specialized schools when it comes to hiring.

Salary expectations for web design school graduates can vary wildly. For the most part 30-40k to start is an average with the ability to reach 70-100k with experience. You could also do freelance work which will significantly impact your income, positively or negatively, based on the situation. Some freelance web designers can earn 50-100 dollars an hour. They may also do template design and sell it for anywhere from 10 to 100 dollars per purchase.

Going to School Online

You already have a good deal of info to consider. Add to that the stress of balancing your personal schedule with an education and school can seem to be very overwhelming. This is why so many students have turned to online degree programs. Most colleges offer some form of online degree program, many educate you with little to no time spent on a campus.

Online courses work the same as traditional classroom study with a few important differences. At the start of the semester you will be provided with a schedule. This schedule will provide a timeline for your studies. Since most of your education is self taught, this helps you ensure you are keeping up with the pace of the class through your textbook study. Your instructor will likely provide lecture notes in a video, audio or text format. Graded assignments will be given a due date. As long as you submit them on or before the dates provided, how and when you prepare for them is largely up to you. All of this should make you feel comfortable with taking the step towards your education. Find a web design school and enroll today!

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