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Web Designer Education Requirements

Web Designer Education Requirements

Before you can begin working as a web designer, you need to ensure the web designer education requirements that your potential employer requires. These web designer education requirements can range from simply a two year Associates degree to a Masters degree that can take up to six years to complete. In any type of education you desire, you can complete most of these degrees online through one of the best online colleges and top online universities utilizing their distance learning option, where you never even have to go to the actual college campus to complete your degree program.

Associates Degree

The Associates degree is a two year program which fulfills the web designer education requirements for some employers. Throughout this program, you will learn the basic fundamentals of web design, including how to build a website and maintain that website for various types of corporations. With this type of degree, you will be required to complete various courses that pertain to computer science as well as basic general education courses such as math, science and English. The only web designer education requirements to enter into this program is a high school diploma or GED, although your college may also require that you take a placement exam before beginning any courses to ensure the proper classes that will ensure your success in your degree program. This type of degree will qualify you for various types of entry level web designer positions that have a median starting salary of about $20,000 per year.

Web Designer Education Requirements

The Bachelors degree is a four year, more in depth degree program that will complete most of the web designer education requirements for a mid level position through most employers. Throughout this program, you will also be required to take more intensive computer science courses as well as the general education courses as required in the Associates program. There are two ways to enter into this program, the most used is to enter it without any prior college experience, just a high school diploma or a GED, in which case, it should take you the full four years unless you locate a college that provides accelerated programs for their students. The other type of entrance is after you finish your Associates program. If you already hold an Associates degree, you will have the opportunity to complete this program in 1 ½ to 2 years, depending on the types of grades you have earned throughout your Associates program which may allow you to enter into an accelerated program immediately. These designer education requirements will qualify you to earn a salary in the $30,000 to $40,000 per year depending on the employer.

The web designer education requirements for any senior level position generally require or highly recommend a Masters degree has been earned. Unlike the prior degree programs, you cannot enter into this program without any prior college experience; instead, you must have at least a Bachelors degree to begin any online Masters Degree program. This degree provides much more information in the web design field and will allow you to be qualified for a senior position where your potential salary can go near the $100,000 per year range. Enroll in classes today!

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