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Web Designer Job Description

Web Designer Job Description

Web designers have one of the greatest and most exciting jobs in today’s business world. A web designer creates web sites. Businesses promote their products and services through web sites, and many will even sell their products directly to consumers through their websites or other web platforms. Organizations rally support for their causes online, and nearly every company, organization and cause maintain a blog that must be updated regularly. A web designer job description includes taking the messages of these companies and groups and create a web site to achieve their desired goals. You will have to manage many things when creating websites, creating an attractive web site that will bring traffic but staying within technical guidelines such as programming languages, file and page sizes, and web site structure. These factors combined with the organization’s goals means that as a web designer you will need to balance the aesthetic, technical, and business aspects of a web site making you a very specialized and essential member of the work force.

Web Designer Job Titles

A web designer job description often include many different titles, so don’t limit your job search to the term web designer. Many are known as web developers, and usually denotes those who focus on creating new content and pages for a website. You may also want to search for positions as a webmaster, webmasters are focused on site maintenance; however, creating and maintaing web sites involve the same programming languages and skill sets so many webmasters are also the web designer. Many companies view web design as a branch of graphic design, so you may also want to look for positions as a graphic designer for organizations with a strong online presence.

How to become a Web Designer

A web designer job description tells you of a great job with many different paths that you can take to get there. Most positions will ask you to have a bachelor’s degree in a computer related field like computer science or computer programming, though many web designers have degrees in graphic design. What is most important is that you learn the necessary programming languages needed to make a web site. HTML is the most important and is essential for any web design job, other good languages would be Java, flash, php, xml, and many others. The more programming languages you are familiar with the better your chances of landing a great job in web design.

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