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Web Designer Salary

Web Designer Salary

Your job as a web designer will have many benefits. Web designers develop very strong problem-solving skills, having to continually compromise between making an attractive looking web site and creating a web site structure that is efficient and optimized for search engines. This makes a web designer both an artist and a technician. You will have the benefit of having your work viewable by the general public, and makes for a very exciting and visual portfolio of your work. However, many would consider the greatest benefit for a career as a web designer would be the high salary they often earn. The average web designer earns more than seventy-seven thousand dollars as their annual salary.

Trends in Web Design

Web design is one of the most exciting fields that you can work in, since everything about it changes and evolves with technology. Currently, the job of web designers is becoming very different and that presents new opportunities for a web designer to increase their salary. The web is becoming dominated by multi-media. Sound, graphics, video, interactive images, etc. Large companies with web sites want to increase the amount of multi-media found on their site and many companies will likely make major changes to their web sites to accommodate the demand for more media content on their sites.

Future of Web Design

The biggest development coming to the internet is HTML-5, a new programming language that will open up new possibilities for website design. As browsers make the switch to HTML-5 compatible viewing, it is likely that many web sites will want to convert their websites into HTML-5. They also may wish to completely rebuild their web site, taking advantage of the new features available with the HTML-5 language. Either way, it is likely that there will soon be a great need for web designers who are capable of using HTML-5.

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