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What is a Web Designer

What is a Web Designer

What is a web designer? A web designer is one who develops and maintains corporate websites for companies both large and small. These websites promote the business on the internet and can include anything from simple, one page websites to multiple page sites with numerous links. The web designer must be fluent in all types of HTML codes and other technical features that may apply to various websites. In addition, the web designer must be qualified to be employed as a web designer by going back to college to earn a degree in computer science, web design or a similar, computer related field. With the internet growing every day, so is this top career. This means that once the web designer is qualified through education, they generally do not have a problem finding employment either in the corporate field or freelance since qualified web designers are always in high demand.

Education Required

When looking at what is a web designer, you must take into consideration what it takes to become a web designer. You must have a technical mind where you have the ability to work well with computers as well as the ability to work with little or no supervision and the dedication to get the websites up and running on time for your clients since most of the jobs available in web design are on a freelance basis. When determining what type of degree you wish to pursue, you must determine first what your ultimate career and salary goals are. If you want to remain a freelance web designer with an entry level type position, then you can earn simply an Associates degree which should take you about two years to complete. If you want to take it to the next level, then a Bachelors degree may be right for you. The Bachelors degree will take you about four years to complete, unless you already hold an Associates degree, in which case, it may only take two years or less. Both of these degrees can be completed online through top online universities who offer students the option of going through distance learning. If you already have an Associates degree and are currently working as a web designer, then you can still go back to college to earn your Bachelors to take your career to the next level.

What is a web designer?

So what is a web designer and what do they do? Every web page you see on the internet has been developed by a web designer. They determine what the company needs in a web page, what links should be present and then they implement that into the web page online. They are responsible for entering various codes into the webpage that will bring up various types of links, pictures and information that consumers will see when they go into the webpage. This information is sometimes supplied by the client, however; in most cases, the web designer must come up with the information on their own. In addition to what is a web designer, they also usually play a dual role with the graphic designer as well, determining what graphics go where on a webpage and sometimes developing the graphics themselves.

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