The education industry, one of the most steadily growing in the U.S., is a great place for people who have a desire to teach.

With Degrees in education, graduates in many locations will join the 13 million people in the industry who are elementary school teachers, middle, junior high, or high school teachers, college or university faculty members, student services professionals, administrators or substitute teachers.

People who work in education enjoy making a positive impact, the job security, and the ability to do research and publish articles in areas that interest them. Teachers in younger grades can become experts on several subjects while those in higher education become specialists in a focused area.

To break into the industry in many locations, teachers need a BA and teacher certifications. An MA or PhD will help you land a job in higher education. Depending on where educators teach and what level of education they work in, teachers can make anywhere from $23,000 to $150,000.

Regardless of your teaching background or experience, you can start an exciting career in education and make a lasting impact with your Degrees in many locations. What are you waiting for? Enroll today!

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