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Early Childhood Education Degree

Early Childhood Education Degree

Without a doubt, one of the most important things you can do for a living is teaching children. At a young age, children are most receptive to instruction and your abilities, patience, caring and teaching will dramatically affect how willing they are to learn as they move through their school years. Earning an early childhood education degree will put you in a position to make an impact on the lives of young children and families in your community and you can do it in a pre-K or elementary setting. Your education will also focus a great deal on what makes children act the way they do and you will often speak with parents frequently to help them better understand the successes and shortcomings of their children. Doing this now makes sure that children will be ready to move forward in their education and be wildly successful.

Teaching Children

Teaching is not for everyone, especially early childhood education. For those that have a real love for education and, more importantly, a desire to help children succeed in their lives, early childhood education is a great place to find a career. You will often be the teacher that children remember the most fondly because they are so willing to learn and you can really embrace that curiosity and help them foster it into a love of learning.

You will educate children in a wide range of subjects, from letters to numbers and reading to writing, your ability to make learning fun will inspire a lifelong love of education. Once a child loves to learn, they are more likely to succeed in school, move on to a higher education and have a more successful life. All of it starts in the early years and while your job may seem to be a tiny piece of their life, you are the one, along with their parents, that will help them form the foundation for their future.

Once you start teaching, you can expect $35-50,000 a year depending on where you teach, the grades you teach, your level of education and your experience in the field. You may want to spend a little time online researching your options and what is popular in your local districts. Some education departments have strict requirements, so make sure you find out about those before moving farther in your degree to ensure you take the necessary classes and make the most of your education. To give yourself an edge, consider spending some extra time taking specialized classes that will qualify you for specific teaching environments.

Working and Learning

Most students struggle with making sense of a college schedule and a work or personal schedule. By attending college online through an online degree program, you will find that you can balance your personal and school schedules without any issue at all.

Online degree programs work just like traditional campus based classes. The biggest difference is how and when you learn. Instead of focusing on attending classes to listen to lectures, you watch, listen to or read lectures online at your own pace. Your only time constraint is due dates for graded work which are laid out in a schedule for the entire semester. Stay on top of those assignments and your class work can be done morning, day or night. This freedom is often the first step in allowing students to move from the difficult balance of school and personal life and start earning a degree. Most schools will allow you to take a virtual tour of their online facilities so get on the phone and start talking to schools to get more information about how to move towards this important career.

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