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Early Childhood Education Jobs

Early Childhood Education Jobs

Teachers in any age group are always in high demand because teachers are the people who parents trust with their children every day, not only to teach them but to keep them safe as well. With your education degree, you are certified to teach, however; if you wish to teach younger children such as head start, daycare or kindergarten, then you must also have a degree in early childhood education as well. When you go back to college in early childhood education, you will be qualified for many early childhood education jobs; if you enjoy the younger children from birth to second grade, this could be the degree for you with many different career possibilities. While this degree generally takes about four years to complete, there are many top online colleges who offer distance learning programs; therefore, if you live in an area where there are no traditional colleges, you can still earn your degree. Or if you simply do not have the time, then you can benefit from the distance learning program because it allows you to study on your own schedule.

 Head Start Teacher

Head Start is a government-funded program for low-income preschool aged children whose families cannot comfortably afford for them to go to a traditional daycare. These teachers help the children learn how to read, write, and socialize on top of teaching them about nutrition and hygiene as well. These early childhood education jobs can be very rewarding because these children generally need an extra boost while their families are usually going through financially and possibly emotionally difficult times. With your online Bachelors degree in early childhood education, you will be fully qualified to teach in this program. There are various types of programs that vary depending on the location of the program. Some areas offer only part time head start that is for children who simply cannot afford preschool, while other areas may offer full day, full year head start programs. This program is for families where both parents work but cannot afford childcare. The difference between these two programs is that the part time curriculum only goes while school is in session, generally September thru June, while the full time curriculum offers the head start program year round; relieving working parents of the stress of needing to find appropriate childcare throughout the summer months.

Elementary School Teacher or Daycare Worker

For those who are wishing to pursue a career in the elementary school system, a degree in early childhood education is required, especially for those who wish to teach Kindergarten through second grade. These grade level students are new to the school system and need a little extra help to get used to going to school. In addition, the teachers in these grade levels also help the students to become grounded socially and they report any red flags in behavior to the school counselor. These types of early childhood education jobs require that you know how to identify behaviors such as ADHD so that the condition can be diagnosed early and treated early, eliminating any future problems where grades start to truly matter.

Daycare workers are one of the lesser-known early childhood education jobs. While a degree is not necessarily required for this type of job, it is highly recommended. Children from birth to five years old attend daycare while their parents work; therefore, if the child is educated while still in daycare, it will greatly benefit them once they get into school. The little things, like writing their names and knowing their numbers will be a great benefit to them in the long run. If you think you would be good at teaching young children, consider looking into these jobs today.

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