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Early Childhood Education Salary

Early Childhood Education Salary

The field of early childhood education is one that employs millions of people. As many as 2.1 million, in fact, according to the (NAEYC), or National Association for the Education of Young Children.

As it is when entering any profession, salary is one of the factors for your choice. It’s important that you are fairly compensated for what your time and effort are worth. Another side to this in some professions is that if you stick with it, further your education and advance within that career, you can do quite well. An early childhood education salary can be much greater than one might expect.

Everything changes, and so do early childhood education salaries. With the rise of enrollment came a rise in state spending, meaning a rise in salaries of early childhood education workers. It was five years coming, but it got here.

The growth for this field is expected to reach as high as 26%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So the time is right for breaking into this field.

The Kind of Early Childhood Education Salary You Can Expect

This is going to depend on exactly what specific job you get into. It will also depend on what state you’re in. But the average salary for preschool, kindergarten, grade school, and day-care center workers ranges from $22,430 to $38,290 a year. But there are a few within the larger metropolitan areas that can be as high as $50,000.

You will find that preschool teachers make a little less, but their requirements are a bit lower as well. While an early childhood education salary is nice, it’s also adjustable. If you want to earn more, you have options for obtaining higher wages within this ever-growing field.

How To Get A Higher Early Childhood Education Salary

As with most careers, you start off at the entry level, then gain experience, get promoted, and move up. You can begin at ground level being an assistant teacher, then move your way forward to being a teacher, and then on to lead teacher. You can increase your experience, and take online courses to add to your education.

As you grow in education and experience, you’ll find that you have a lot more opportunities that are open to you. By applying yourself to furthering your education during your first few years, you will really see your hard work pay off in time. You can take advantage of online universities to prepare yourself for moving up.

You can take specialized training, and earn a good early childhood education salary by obtaining your associate’s degree. From there it’s on to your bachelor’s, and then the master’s. Of course, not everyone progresses at the same pace, but the ones who are willing to apply themselves, are the ones who will reap the benefits.

You can advance your early childhood education salary by adding to your education and moving up to teach a higher grade. As you work at your job, you can take your online courses and progress through your online degrees. Then you can make the most of this rapidly growing, very rewarding career.

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