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Philosophy of Early Childhood Education

Philosophy of Early Childhood Education

Think back twenty years. Could you imagine typing in a string of words for anything you wanted to know and getting hundreds of answers pack within less than a second? Unless you can see into the future, you probably couldn’t. Now try to think of what the world will be like in twenty years. There is little we can do to understand what technology will bring us in twenty years, but we can prepare. Those that need to prepare more than anyone are the children that will be entering the job market in that time period. While we can’t train them today for what tomorrow brings, specifically, we can prepare them to learn and be prepared for constant change. This is the philosophy of early childhood education. Helping children learn how to learn before they even enter kindergarten. As you enter this field you will be part guardian and part educator. Before school starts, children are ready to learn. They are incredibly curious about the world around them and by harnessing that curiosity we can better prepare them for the next decade of learning. Even more importantly, we can prepare them to learn effectively.

Philosophy of Early Childhood Education

The philosophy of early childhood education is the idea that children can begin learning from the day they are born. This is left to the parents for the first year or two of their lives, but as they go out into the real world by attending day care or preschool, they need to have a constant education. This may be anything from letters and reading to how our world works. You may have a thunderstorm one afternoon and be stuck inside with all of the children. Through the philosophy of early childhood education, this is a perfect time to help them understand what thunder storms really are. Answering their questions, even when they may seem completely out of left field, will give them the confidence to seek answers for any questions they ever have. This will be extremely important as they move through their education. You will be their first contact with formal educators and you can sleep better each night knowing that you make a significant difference every day.

Going to College

If this sounds like what you want to do for a living, you need to start by earning a bachelor’s degree. States and districts will have different requirements upon graduation, so do some research to ensure you are moving down the right path. Your first hurdle will most likely be your school schedule. If you are like most people, you have a very busy schedule already and can’t imagine adding a school schedule to your day.

The answer to this issue comes in the form of an online education. By learning from home, you not only save travel time, but get to choose your school schedule on a daily basis. It is very rare that your classes will have scheduled meeting times, instead you will communicate through a message board. As long as you are submitting and completing assignments by the dates provided by your instructor you choose when and how to complete your required studying. If you are interested in the philosophy of early childhood education, enroll in school today.

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