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What is Early Childhood Education

What is Early Childhood Education

You might wonder. “What is early childhood education?” Early childhood education refers to the process of teaching and taking care of young children, from birth until the age when the child starts school, by people outside home or family. Typically, birth to age eight has been defined as early childhood. Proper mental and physical nourishment during this period is crucial to a child’s future developmental process. This is the time when brain develops fast and contributes to a child’s intellect, individuality and social behavioral skills. Preschool and kindergarten education programs are the terms most commonly used in association with early childhood education programs. Even though parents are considered to be a child’s first and foremost teacher, the importance of early childhood education programs outside home is increasing day by day and creating opportunities for those who want to pursue the profession of a preschool/kindergarten teacher or educational aid.

What Does an Early Childhood Teacher Do?

The essence of this education process is learning through playing. The teachers help children to sharpen the essential skills like fine motor, gross motor, social, communication, reasoning, problem solving and imagination through hands-on activities and play. The materials most commonly used are puzzles, play dough, building blocks, pretend play sets etc. However, nothing works at its best unless there is a compassionate and playful teacher. Therefore, to succeed in such a career, one has to be very patient, creative and have the skill to engage young children playfully. This career gives opportunity to work in different institutions like preschools, daycare centers, montessori schools and elementary schools. The requirements for this career vary across the different states of U.S. A high school diploma along with some prior working experience with children can be enough to get a job in some states. However, some require an early childhood education degree. The salary will also vary in accordance with the educational level and experience. So before planning a career in early child education, one should find out the state’s requirements and then plan accordingly.

Why Should I Get a Degree in Early Childhood Education?

There are several colleges that offer online associate’s, bachelor’s and post-graduate degree programs in early childhood education. Having a degree in this discipline will place a candidate in a favorable position to starting a career in early childhood education. The following are the benefits of earning a degree in early childhood education; it gives an added advantage if there is tough competition; having a degree will make one more confident and also earn the trust of the parents, who will feel more comfortable by leaving their children with one having adequate knowledge in that area; having a degree opens up other learning scopes and can eventually help in opening own preschool or daycare center; it can also help in earning additional income through running some extracurricular activities.

More carrier opportunities will become available if one has a degree. For example, having a doctorate in early child education will open up opportunities at colleges and universities. The field of early childhood education provides satisfying career options. Most of all, it provides one with the opportunity to take an important part in the growth of children and to make them successful in their future endeavors. So now you know the answer to the question, “What is early childhood education?”, get started on your career today!

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