Paralegal Certification Exam

Paralegal Certification Exam

Professional certification can give any profession credibility. This is just as true with paralegals. Even though certification for paralegals is a voluntary action, it still requires passing a paralegal certification exam. It takes some preparation before taking this exam in order to pass it and gain the knowledge necessary for certification.

There have been many different exams offered by the Association for Legal Professionals since 1960. One is specifically aimed at paralegals. This is known as the Professional Paralegal exam and was created in 2004. Some states have exams of their own.

Again, in the U.S. there is no mandatory exam for legal assistants. But if you choose to take the exam and pass it, employers see this as being motivated. It shows a commitment to your profession. It also lets employers know that you have mastered specific skills and gained necessary knowledge within your field. It gives you an edge in being hired.

Some of the advanced knowledge proved by certification is the knowledge of:

(1). Legal Procedure

(2). Good Communication/Writing Skills

(3). Ethics

(4). Substantive Law

(5). Research

About the Exam

The paralegal certification exam is made up of five different sections. You must have a minimum of a 70% score on each of these sections to earn your certification.

It is made up of true/false, matching, and multiple-choice questions that will test your subject knowledge as well as reading comprehension skills. Then to test your writing and analytical skills there will be an essay question.

The five sections that make up the exam are:

a. Ethics

b. Legal Research

c. Judgment & Analytical Ability

d. Communications

e. Substantive Law

Once your application is approved for your paralegal certification exam, it will be active for two years. The two-year time period will begin on whatever date you take your first exam out of the five sections.

Before the two years have passed, you need to complete all five sections successfully in order to achieve this paralegal certification credential. If not, then you will have to reapply and retake the whole thing over from the beginning.

Paralegal Certification Programs Online

You can go online and find paralegal certification programs being offered by many various accredited organizations. Some will offer basic up to advanced certification programs. You can expect some requirements to be attached, but they do conclude with you taking the paralegal certification exam.

The eligibility requirements for paralegal certification will vary from one organization to the next. However, on the whole, most of them require that you have some field experience as a paralegal and have either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an institution that is accredited.

By getting your paralegal certification online, you can complete this training faster and work within a virtual classroom. You can attend online classes and take online tests and quizzes that will prepare you to take the paralegal certification exam. Online paralegal certification is a very popular option for many. You can get online now and get started toward working toward a certification of your own.

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