Paralegal Certification in Colorado

Paralegal Certification in Colorado

Most states do not have requirements for paralegal certification; Colorado is no exception. While it does not appear Colorado’s State Bar provides paralegal certification per se, they do offer a list of American Bar Association (ABA) approved paralegal higher learning institutions.

Expectations & Requirements

The State does not have specific requirements for paralegals; however, most employers require a minimum of an associate’s degree. Employers in every state will have their own set of expectations and requirements. If you wish to become employed in Colorado upon graduation, you should be aware the ABA-approved educational institutions either offer a post-degree certificate program or an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. If you wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you might consider taking online courses in paralegal studies from online universities. Online schools allow you to continue working in your current position while you complete your online degrees. These online courses work around your life and your hectic schedule. If you are looking to change careers to better your future, this is the ideal opportunity.

If you choose to complete an associate’s degree through an approved program in Colorado, you might consider continuing your distance education after you begin working as a paralegal. In general, the greater your level of education, the more negotiating power you have and the better the level of positions you are able to apply for.

Other expectations of employers will be your personal attributes and skill sets. Paralegals are taking on more and more responsibilities a lawyer once performed. The type of people who pursue paralegal certification Colorado employers prefer should possess some of the characteristics of an attorney. You must be able to meet deadlines, multitask, communicate impeccably, be assertive and aggressive when necessary, and work well in stressful environments. You will be required to work independently and with others. You might spend much of your days researching many aspects of a case just as you might be required to be in many places throughout the course of a day to file the appropriate legal documentation. The paralegal certification Colorado approves will begin to prepare you for such responsibilities.

The Certificates

The ABA-approved educational institutions in Colorado each offer post-degree certificate programs. Prior to applying to a certification program, you will be required to have completed at least an associate’s degree. You may be required to take an additional course in English if you did not do so through your previous educator. Your previous paralegal courses may be reviewed by the potential educational provider to determine whether or not your credits are transferable. Once accepted, you will be required to take courses in areas such as legal analysis, contracts, property law, business organizations, ethics law, criminal law, evidence, and employment law. Once you complete the required courses, you might consider a specialization in areas such as real estate, nursing, or patent law to improve your salary.

The paralegal certification Colorado offers will prepare you for a brilliant career as a paralegal. With the appropriate education and certification, you will be well on your way to financial stability. It only takes one course to begin.

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