Paralegal Certification NC

Paralegal Certification NC

Not all state American Bar Associations (ABA) provide their own paralegal certification examination. North Carolina (NC) does provide such a certification. The paralegal certification NC provides does not come without limitations and credentials. If you are seeking to become a paralegal in North Carolina, you should consider following the North Carolina ABA-approved higher education institutions.

The Process

The paralegal certification NC provides is not a requirement; however, many employers may use this as a guideline to whether or not a potential candidate is properly qualified. A paralegal certificate is unable to be completed without the proper education. The North Carolina ABA also recommends promising paralegals to pursue their degrees through ABA-approved educational institutions. Many employers may not discredit non-approved institutions altogether if you pass an approved paralegal certification examination.

The paralegals today are far different from the paralegals of ten years ago; therefore, employers have significantly higher standards of a paralegal’s education today. Some employers may only require an associate’s degree. If you are looking to change careers during these trying economic times, this is a growing field seeking qualified candidates each day. Many people have decided to complete such a degree and find a job immediately to gain the work experience needed for a promotion. At the same time, they will complete an online bachelor’s degree from online universities to further prepare themselves for career advancement. It is at this time some people make the decision as to whether or not to continue their education with a degree in law. Not everyone is required to do so. It is a personal choice. It may not be a personal choice to complete the paralegal certification examination.

Top employers may require the certification as part of their educational requirements. This certification is not required by law in the state of North Carolina. It is a voluntary choice. It will enhance your career prospects as many employers will view it as a testimony to your skill level and your commitment and determination to being the best in your career. If you are able to complete a bachelor’s degree, the certification examination, and complete a few years of experience, you will qualify for the top careers in this profession earning yourself a top salary.

The Compensation

North Carolina is no different than most states in that a paralegal salary is greatly dependent upon where and for whom you work. A paralegal salary will provide most people with a very nice life style. If you choose to specialize in one area of law rather than to become a general paralegal, you stand a better chance at making more money. You might consider choosing a specialization in patent law if you are interested in technology and innovation. Or choose from any number of specializations which pique your interest. In general, the average paralegal in North Carolina can expect to make around $45,000 annually. If you have a paralegal certification NC offers, it may be a bit more.

A paralegal career in North Carolina can be a stable one. The paralegal certification NC requires will have some additional requirements. Take this career one course at a time.

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