Paralegal Certification Texas

Paralegal Certification Texas

In true Texas fashion, the paralegal certification Texas offers from their American Bar Association (ABA) is notable and more unique than any other. They have specific requirements for their participants to meet, and many employers will view this as a requirement for their potential candidates. If you wish to become a paralegal in Texas, you will face challenges and be equally rewarded.

The Certification

The paralegal certification Texas offers is seemingly voluntary. It does not appear the State of Texas requires all paralegals to complete this paralegal certificate at this point in time. This is not to say this will not change in the future; however, it is a personal choice. It should be noted that many employers may require this certificate as employers often use the ABA as a guideline of what to expect from qualified candidates. If you are seeking top careers in this profession, it will be in your best interest to complete this examination. You will face some prerequisites from the Texas ABA before you are able to begin.

These requirements are set in place to ensure the paralegal is prepared to pass the exam. The exam participant will be required to complete a bachelor’s degree. Seeing that many people are choosing to change their careers to become a paralegal, you might consider taking online courses from accredited online universities while you continue to work. Other paralegal examinations are also deemed acceptable by many employers. This is not your only option.

Another requirement from the Texas ABA is that the degree must be from an accredited paralegal institution of higher learning. The ABA does not state it requires a degree be completed from one of their approved ABA programs, simply an accredited paralegal program. Therefore, if an employer requires you to have some sort of education from an ABA-approved program, you will be able to take the paralegal certification the Texas ABA approves to meet their requirements. You will be required to have experience working under a Texas attorney, complete 30 hours of the Texas Board of Legal Specialization courses, complete and an accredited program.  If you do not have a degree, you must have completed four years of paralegal experience. Which examination is right for you?

The Specializations

Unlike most other State bar associations, the paralegal certification Texas offers comes in a variety of specializations. This is only fitting as paralegals also have the option of choosing a law specialization while they are continuing their education. If you have an interest in the housing market or real estate, consider taking the Real Estate Law Certification examination. If you are interested in working with the retirement community or people who are simply planning for their future given their untimely demise, you might consider taking the Estate Planning and Probate Law examination. The Texas ABA also offers specialized examinations in civil law, criminal law, family law, and personal injury trial law. Certainly, more will be offered in the future.

A Texas paralegal certification   will assist you on your journey to career and financial security. If you meet the requirements, you should consider starting a program today. Your entire life could change in a matter of months. The decision is yours.

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