Paralegal Certification Utah

Paralegal Certification Utah

It appears Utah is another state which does not have paralegal requirements and special guidelines. It was decided, not long ago, that because paralegals work directly under attorneys, paralegals are to be trained and bound by the same codes and ethics as their employers. Therefore, the paralegal certification Utah employers recommend is up to the potential job-seeking candidate to determine whether or not it is right for him or her.

Degrees and Certificates

Each employer will have varying requirements and expectations when it comes to degrees and certificates. It is strongly advised, even though Utah may not require it, to receive your continuing education through American Bar Association (ABA) approved programs. Some employers will require an associate’s degree while others will require a bachelor’s degree. If you are seeking to change careers, many flexible options exist. You are able to maintain your current position while you complete online degrees in paralegal studies. You should try to find an ABA-approved online program to prevent any issues regarding transferring credits if you change schools and applying with promising employers. Some employers will only accept applicants on behalf of graduates from ABA-approved programs. If you attend a non-approved program, you might consider working with an approved university to complete an approved certification program.

When it comes to the paralegal certification Utah endorses, a paralegal certificate is encouraged by the Utah ABA. They recommend paralegal professionals complete one of two paralegal certificates. You might consider taking the National Association of Legal Assistants examination or the National Federation of Paralegal Associates examination. With the ABA recommendations, employers will view these certificates as highly important.  Therefore, top employers require these certifications in addition to degree requirements. Employers will also seek people with even greater ambitions.


Many employers prefer candidates who have experience. Work experience of any kind is a welcomed attribute and will move you to the top of interview lists. Many online schools offer established networks to match employers with students and internships. If you do not attend online schools, you must take the initiative yourself. If you attend a bricks and mortar type university, they often have internship programs to which you can apply. If this is not an option either, start making phone calls and walking into law firms with your resume during your spare time. These internships are incredibly crucial. It is important to note, law firms realize how desperate people are for these highly coveted positions so they are often unpaid positions. Thanks to the Internet, you may be able to find a paralegal internship with flexible hours; however, for your benefit, you should be in the environment as often as possible. Employers also appreciate potential employees with even greater ambitions. When a hiring employer is aware a paralegal has ambitions of becoming an attorney, they may be overly excited at the opportunity to train and groom you to fit perfectly into their team.

The paralegal certification Utah supports may be required by various employers. You should complete all possible educational opportunities to ensure  success and longevity throughout your career. It only takes one course to change the direction of your life.

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