Medical Secretaries

Medical Secretaries

Medical secretaries are secretaries who perform their duties within a medical environment. You find them in nursing homes, hospitals, outpatient care facilities, or doctor’s offices. They perform a broad range of functions. They process documents, do research, proofreading, transcription, managing records, and many more office type duties.

There are places where they need to learn medical billing for insurance claim purposes. That means learning about insurance regulations and coding procedures as well. One of the main requirements for this field, is acquiring good skills involving medical terminology, lab procedures, and HIPPA regulations.

Medical secretaries also serve many other functions like arranging transfers to new medical facilities, taking medical histories, physician referrals, and so forth. So you can see how valuable they can be to any medical office. They seem to be the backbones of the whole operation.

One Of The Best Careers Today

The need for healthcare is something that never stops expanding. Which means that excellent help in the office cannot be overlooked. Just one small mistake can lead to a patient receiving harmful treatment. So medical secretaries are invaluable when they can properly transcribe assessments and treatments.

Another reason for seeking a career as a medical secretary is because it happens to be one of the fastest-growing parts of the secretarial field.

Another benefit which we all are interested in is that medical secretaries are good earners. They are actually some the top paid professionals within the secretarial field. They earn an average salary ranging from the high $20,000 tier, up to the middle $40,000 tier. And their broad range of skills enables them to work almost anywhere.

Facts And Education

Medical secretaries at the certificate level of their training, will be involved with classroom training but also with real life training as well. For anyone wishing to begin their career training they can begin anytime by enrolling in online distance education courses.

For those of you interested in obtaining your training in a certificate program, you will have to be 18 or older and have your diploma or a GED. Some of the course-work for medical secretaries will be:

  1. Administrative Procedure
  2. Computing in Healthcare
  3. Clinical Procedure
  4. Office Insurance & Finance
  5. Psychology of Human Relations
  6. Customer Service in Healthcare
  7. Lab Procedures

If you feel like joining the ranks of other medical secretaries is the path you want to follow, then you can find many excellent online colleges and universities who are ready to enroll you. You want to be sure they are accredited. You will be able to do your online courses from the comfort of home and at your own pace. You current circumstances need not be interrupted.

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