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CityBridge is a partnership between City University of Seattle and Ivy Bridge College that provides the opportunity for students to earn a four-year degree online. CityBridge students enroll at Ivy Bridge College, and upon completion of their Associates degree (AA), seamlessly transfer to CityU to complete a Bachelor’s degree. The program brings two institutions together that believe education should be accessible to anyone with a desire to learn. With CityBridge, students come first.

Unmatched student services.

Students receive ongoing mentoring and support from Ivy Bridge College and CityU advisors from the moment they enroll through graduation.

Flexibility and convenience.

Students take classes online during their Ivy Bridge College and CityU programs, which makes balancing coursework with their busy lives a cinch.

High quality degrees.

Upon completion of the four-year program, students will have earned an Ivy Bridge College AA degree and a CityU Bachelor’s degree.

Guided academic pathways.

Students will seamlessly be guided from their AA program directly into their Bachelor’s program by expert advisors at Ivy Bridge and CityU.