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Bachelor of Science in Biology

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Earning your Bachelor of Science in Biology (BS-Bio) degree has never been easier. While encompassing a harder curriculum than a Bachelor of Arts in Biology (BA-Bio), top online universities offer flexible schedules for the full-time student or the full-time worker who is going back to school to finish or get the degree.

Difference between BS and a BA in Biology

A Bachelor of Arts in Biology requires fewer science and math courses but more language and humanities classes. A Bachelor of Science in Biology requires science- and math-intensive courses, such as calculus, organic chemistry and physics. If you pursue a BS-Bio degree, expect to use only your electives for the ‘softer’ courses.

If you plan on entering veterinary, dental or medical school, opt for the BS-Bio degree. If there is any chance whatsoever that you may pursue an online masters degree or a PhD, pursue a BS-Bio degree. Otherwise, you may have to take a significant number of courses in the science field before you are accepted into a post-graduate school.

If you definitely want to pursue a career that combines biology with another field, such as sociology or environmental planning or public health, obtaining a BA-Bio degree may suffice.

Employment Options for Bachelor’s Degree

The majority of graduates continue their education with at least a master’s degree. However, a bachelor of science degree in biology can afford ready employment if desired.

Once you earn your Bachelor of Science in Biology from an accredited online university, you expertise can be used in clinical laboratories, private or university research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies or some forensic labs, for example.

Depending on your minor, you may even teach science courses to young students in elementary schools, middle or junior high schools or high schools.

With various specialties, you could be a zoologist, a marine biologist or an environmental scientist. However, the majority of these specialties use the BS-Bio as a stepping stone to a post-graduate degree to fully qualify.

The positions available for this degree differ widely. A wage estimate for the undergraduate degree-holder could reflect a variance of thousands of dollars. Instead, specifics on a few related occupations may solidify an outline.

For example, a biological technician may earn approximately $18.50 per hour. A laboratory technician may earn an hourly wage of $15.00. Environmental science technicians could earn up to $19.00 per hour.

Private-sector wages far outstrip civil service wages. Private positions can earn roughly $55,550 annually. Similar civil service positions can pay roughly $39,500 per yea for holders of Bachelor of Science in Biology degrees.

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