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Criminal Investigator Degree

Criminal Investigator

No two days will be alike in your career as a criminal investigator as you work to track down criminals to protect the community and bring perpetrators to justice. Crime scene investigators have one of the more exciting and rewarding careers available.

People with this profession analyze crime scenes and look for evidence. They look closely at objects found at the scene of a crime and look for anything that could have been left behind by the perpetrator. They dust for fingerprints and look for DNA samples.

Criminal investigator jobs are extremely vital to the safety of individuals and communities. While these professionals have exciting jobs, they are also very important ones. Many people depend on criminal investigators as they work with the police and court system to bring justice to criminals and help victims cope with events.

A degree in crime scene investigation will require you to take several different courses and even in several different subjects. Students in these programs take classes that teach them all about laws and regulations and how the court system works. You will learn about the criminal justice system of our country and the role criminal investigators play in it.

Criminal investigator degree programs also typically include courses in biology and chemistry because much of the evidence gathering and data analyzing involves things like DNA, finger prints, and body fluids. Some criminal investigator programs also include courses in psychology so you will be well prepared to work with forensic psychologists and have the ability to analyze motives and reasons for criminal activity.

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