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Culinary Arts Degree

Culinary Arts Degree

If you love to cook, aren’t as good as you want to be at it yet, or want to cook for a living, studying for a culinary arts degree is exactly what you are looking for. Solid, skilled, educated chefs are always in high demand. People have to eat and while we may cook most of our food, few of us go longer than a few weeks without treating ourselves to a night out at a nice restaurant. Until we learn how to survive without food, culinary arts degree graduates will always find a good job with medium to high incomes.

With a culinary arts degree you are also able to work wherever you want. Las Vegas is famous for its restaurants and buffets, France is a go-to destination for many chefs and even your local restaurants will be in need of good chefs, or head cooks. Depending on your education, specialty and experience, you should expect an income ranging from 35-120k a year. Your hours will also vary. You may work 35 hours or 70 hours. This is all based on your position in your kitchen as well as the seasonal demands and fluctuations in business.

Obtaining this degree is your first step to becoming a sous chef, restaurant manager, hotel manager, executive chef or anything in between. Your options for schools are wide open, traditional colleges will offer degree programs that will cover culinary arts as well as general studies, giving you the option to spend time in business or hospitality studies to give you an edge when it comes time to look for the high-paying jobs. On the other hand, art schools offer comprehensive degree programs in culinary arts to get you through school a little bit faster and let you start your career sooner.

Online Culinary Arts Degree Programs

Balancing your life and education can be difficult. For this reason, many students have turned to online educations. Many schools will offer online culinary arts degree options, but be aware up front that you may need to spend some time in a classroom while you are learning specific steps of cooking. Much of your schedule will depend on where you go to school and what type of classes you take with your online culinary arts degree. If you expect to go the traditional college route, expect most of your “basics” to be taken online with only “labs” in a kitchen taken in a classroom. Not all of your cooking classes will need to be done in a classroom, but you should speak with a counselor to find out how much time you should expect to spend on campus and base your school choices on your desired travel.

Online culinary arts degree programs educate the same way as offline programs. Your instructor will assign study materials either through a textbook or through lecture notes provided in an audio, video or text format. Your schedule will be very open for the most part, with the caveat that all assignments are submitted on or before the due dates assigned.

For these reasons and many others, students are finding online degree programs to be the perfect choice for an education in our busy world. With degrees in hands-on careers like the culinary arts, spend a little extra time speaking with a counselor to make sure your expectations are set correctly for your time on campus. Finally, now that your schedule is not an issue, find a school and get started!

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