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Forensic Psychology Degrees

Forensic PsychologistForensic psychologists usually work with the court system and law enforcement as they assist in suits that relate to insurance claims, family issues, custody cases, and child abuse, among other things. Their main role is to provide psychotherapy and they sometimes act as an expert witness to provide insight into the psychology of a case.

To land a job as a forensic psychologist, you will need to earn a doctoral degree in psychology or forensic psychology.

A psychology program will include courses that will teach you all about how the human mind works. You will take courses in psychology, statistics, psychological testing, and neurobiology. Students in these programs also take courses that cover topics like personality, sports psychology, leadership, language, and gender and psychology.

If you decide to enroll in a forensic psychology program you will be required to take many similar courses but you will also take some legal classes. These classes will teach you about the justice system, laws and regulations, specific cases, and how to serve as an expert witness.

After you have earned your degree in psychology or forensic psychology, you will be well prepared for a successful career. As a forensic psychologist you could have a career where you will examine patients and work with court cases. You may also be responsible for determining if a person is fit to stand trial.

As an expert witness you will testify in court about whether a person is fit to stand trial, why a person may have committed a crime, and what caused the person to commit the crime. Sometimes forensic psychologists also help determine a proper sentence.

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