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Healthcare Management Degree

Healthcare Management Degree

Healthcare management is one of the fastest-growing occupations today. With a healthcare management degree, you may start small with your degree and work your way up. There are programs available to earn an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree; with additional options to also earn your master’s, or MBA in healthcare administration, this gives you the experience you need to make the salary you want. Your salary after you earn your healthcare management degree will vary depending on what degree you earn; some students choose to earn an associate’s degree, and then work on their bachelor’s or MBA programs either in a classroom setting or online. Even if you start out with the lowest degree, there is always time to further your career by earning another degree.

Associate’s Degree

The associate’s healthcare management degree takes about two years to complete, depending on if you go to school full-time or part-time. During the duration of the associate’s program, you will learn the fundamentals of healthcare management. Since there are things like HIPPA and other specialized ethics that come into play throughout the healthcare system, anyone who desires to choose healthcare management are required to have a specialized degree in the management of healthcare. In this degree program, you will learn all the basic managerial fundamentals, with science and medical terminology thrown in. You will also be required to complete some basic general education courses as well; the individual requirements vary from school to school. Once you have graduated with your healthcare management degree, you can expect to find an entry-level job with your salary starting out around $40,000-$50,000 per year.

Bachelor’s Degree

The bachelor’s degree in hospital management will take either a total of four years or two additional years longer than the associate’s degree to complete. This degree program gives more information on all the healthcare management fundamentals; such as terminology, ethics and business procedures. With this degree; you will still start out at an entry-level position; although it will make the transition from lower to middle management come faster, for instance, if two people have the same experience and the same job, but one has an associate’s degree and the other has a bachelor’s, the candidate with the bachelor’s degree will most likely get the job, and the higher salary. Once again, this healthcare management degree can be completed after you earn your associate’s degree; allowing you to work in the field while earning your degree. Those holding a bachelor’s degree can expect to have an entry-level salary of $40,000-$50,000 per year, although they can work their way up to middle management quickly where they can expect to earn $60,000-$70,000 per year. In order to move up further to Senior Management, an MBA is required.

After you earn your healthcare management degree, you may begin to work on your MBA in healthcare management. This additional degree program will take about 18-24 months to complete and will give you the fined tuned knowledge of everything that makes up the intricate system of healthcare management. When you have earned an MBA in healthcare management, you have the ability to work your way up the corporate ladder all the way to senior management, where your salary will be in the six-figure range.

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